Sunday, May 2, 2010

What would you like to see AND a small FOTD

Hi girls!
So first of all, I want to say thank you for all of you following me, it really means a lot to me!!
Since I am off school now and have a lot more time to blog - I would like to start getting more serious with this blogging thing. I haven't really been doing much on this up till now. So the big question from me to you is


more fotd's, product reviews, makeup looks, routines, product reccomendations, favourites, etc?

PLEASE, please let me know in the comments! Because it is really hard for me to figure out what to post about and if i have some ideas of what you would like for me to do, it will make me feel more inspired and i can get some posts up!!!
So please take 5 seconds and let me know, and i will love you forever. :)

Now onto a little FOTD that I came across saved in my pictures. This is a FOTD from this years valentines day when my boyfriend and I went out to dinner. Its pretty much the same look as the "Smolder Chocolate Smokey Eyes" from a previous blog post I did. Just thought i'd share it with you all. :)

ahahahaha. completely random but i LOVE this picture. thats like me getting excited over something :) hehe.

Till next time,


Emm ♥

Friday, March 26, 2010

Miley Cyrus FOTN

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thanks so much to all of my lovely followers for following my blog. I now have 13 followers and i am so stoked!!!!!!:) I know that may not seem like a lot, but to me it is and i really appreciate every one of you. It means a lot to me that you guys are interested in what i write and post. So i just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you all how beautiful you are:)

Anywaysss! A few weeks ago it was the Oscars and I always love watching the red carpet for the dresses and the makeup. My favourite thing is literally to go to or and look at all the dresses and beauty breakdowns that come up, it is so lovely! My favourite look this year was Miley Cyrus' makeup, it was stunning and really beautiful. I'm not a miley fan personally but I do have to admit that shes been looking really good lately with her hair and makeup. I really wanted to try and recreate her look as best as i could because it was just so beautiful. The lovely Christine at was able to get a celebrity makeup artist, Brett Freedman, to create a tutorial recreating Miley's look on a model. Here is the link . Gorgeous!

I pretty much recreated the look using the products, since i own all the eyshadows (you know you have a lot of makeup when you already have all the products that people use in tutorials lol!) The following shots was the result! I apologize that i look horrible in the photos, these are photos to display my makeup and not for me to look attractive haha:) they were also taken with flash and my camera never does a good job at showing the makeup properly, it always looks way better in person :( anyways i hope you like it! i loved this look :)

♥ Products used: ♥

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Cork e/s, MAC Shadowy Lady e/s (used wet), MAC Honey Lust e/s (used wet), MAC Nylon e/s, MAC Smolder eye kohl, MAC blacktrack fluidline, MAC #7 lashes or Quo 804 lashes (they look the same!), MAC Studio Finish concealer on lips to mute lipcolour, Angel lipstick, Underage lipglass.

I am also wearing the MAC Face & Body Foundation, love this!!!

Here is the inspiration picture! -
Miley Cyrus Oscars 2010 - picture courtesy of

Any ideas for new posts? Please inspire me! What would you like to see? More FOTDS, reviews, posts on makeup products, skincare etc. Let me know in the comments please and I will love you forever! Mwahhhh

Till next time

xox, Emm

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Products I am loving right now! ♥

So the reason why I don't blog more than i do is probably because i am endlessly frustrated with the way this blogging thing works. Having to put your pictures in first because or else they get inserted weirdly and then trying to make everything center and right and left and all that is making me frustrated and annoyed. Also trying to make the font look pretty and figure out the annoying buttons and tabs on this thing. So yes i officially have been neglecting my blog..a lot. I love reading other peoples' blogs and i love talking about beauty products but when it comes to writing..not so much yet, lol. I figured I'd do a post about a few things i'm loving right now, just because i think you all should know about them..thats how excited they make me! ahah:) let me know if you like these posts and i should start doing more of them..or just blogging more.
thank you to the beautiful people who follow me and comment, you guys are encouraging me to start writing more! :):)

Sigma SS168

I bet you all are bored to death hearing about sigma brushes but this really is one of my favourite ones. I like it better than its MAC counterpart. Why? Because its a little bigger, softer and fluffier. I like its larger shape and its fluffiness because it is perfect to use for blush. I am so picky about blush brushes and have searched endlessly for a good blush brush..i just recently purchased the bobbi brown one and i dont even know if i like that one that much. However this one is nice, it fits perfectly on my cheek and makes it easy for me to apply the blush without it looking like a big weird streaky blob. I find that often with blush brushes they don't blend the product out nicely so it looks unblended and weird. This brush is just nice.. i really love it and i wish sigma would sell it as an individual brush so i can buy more. I actually just found out that are selling sigma brushes as well as their make-up line individually so i might just pick another one of these babies up :) go it.. you know you want to ;)

Moroccan Oil

This stuff is soo nice! First of all, it smells amazing! It has the nicest scent which lingers in your hair after it dries...mmmmmm. You get a pretty big bottle of this which will last you a good amount of time because you only need a drop or two for all your hair. This is made from argan oil, a natural oil from argan trees in morroco (hence the name). It also has a few silicones and stuff in it to smooth your hair. This stuff is awesome for your hair! Ever since my hairdresser recommended it i have been using it faithfully and it makes my hair so shiny and smooth. I'm also a little convinced that it has helped my hair grow a bit because it has prevented split ends so that my hair didn't break off - which it is prone to doing. that is a HUGE plus in my book since my hair has been the same length for the last like 4 years. this stuff is really good, i just use a drop or two in my hair when it is damp and i apply it through my hair, concentrating mainly on my ends. This is also great for people with extensions because it provides conditioning to the hair since extensions can often become dry and brittle. It smooths and detangles extensions while providing lots of shine and a wonderful scent. Definitely worth checking out!

Lush Charity Pot

This stuff is so good! I have really dry skin in the winter. Generally my skin type is dry but in the winter i have to moisturize - especially my legs or else they itch. I know, weird. What originally attracted me to this was the idea of 100% of the proceeds going to charity - i'm all about products that give money to a good cause. I'd rather spend $20 on Charity pot vs. $25 on Lush's Dream Cream knowing that some of the $20 from Charity Pot will go to a good cause. This moisturizer is really nice because the texture is so light but moisturizes nicely. It isn't sticky or heavy like some moisturizers that take ages to sink in. I'm an impatient person and I hate having to wait around for 10 minutes waiting for my moisturizer to dry. I like to be able to moisturize and put my clothes on and feel like the product has actually sunk into my skin in a comfortable way. I can't quite describe it but you know that heavy sticky feel of a lot of body creams? This one doesn't have that. Go buy a pot, give your skin a treat and know that you can feel good because you're doing a good thing for someone else too!

MAC 239 Brush

Kay, so this is one of MAC's most basic brushes and since I am a brush addict it would be assumed that this would be one of the first brushes I would have in my collection. But wrong..I actually didn't have this brush until Christmas. Why? Because i was convinced that i didn't need it. To me, it just looked like a plain flat shader brush and i had plenty of those from various brands. I just didnt want to spend $30 something dollars plus tax on a brush that was nothing special. Now? I want another one!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this brush. I have more than one 217 and now I am convinced that I must get another 239!!! This brush is really really good. It is extremely soft and not hard or stiff like many of the craft store dupes for it (Loew Cornell Maxines mop i am talking to you). This brush is extremely versatile because it is so soft and slightly fluffy on the side you can even turn it on its side and use it for crease work. It works perfectly at patting shadow on my eyelid and fits so well on my eyelid (i don't have huge lid space). It is good for pigments and lining under the eye with the tip/edge, smudging out eyeliner with the tip/edge - such a great multitasker!!! I want more!!!!!

MAC Face and Body Foundation
THIS STUFF IS AWESOME. I know I've said that about the other products, but thats why its a products im loving post.. This is such good stuff, really. I am loving this foundation SO much. Now first of all, I don't usually use foundation. Day to day, I don't wear foundation - I just use a powder, usually MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and I buff it on my face really fast with a large kabuki brush (MAC 182 - BEST BRUSH EVER. GO GET IT..NO RUN..RUN AND GET IT, you will not regret it). I wake up about 25 minutes before I leave for school so my makeup routine is extremely short and very fast. I'm just not really a fan of foundation. It feels heavy and sticky on my skin and the scent is often really offputting but most of all i hate the feel of foundation, i don't like feeling like theres stuff on my face. Also, to be honest I have quite good skin. I have never had acne and don't get many pimples so my skin looks quite good (my friends say i have skin like a child lol). My mom didn't use foundation till she was in her 30s so i guess thats where i have it from. But back to this foundation! I do like to have a bit more coverage when i am going out or if i just feel like it and i heard really good things about this foundation - it is supposed to impart a dewy and glowing finish and be beautiful for photography purposes. NOW IMPORTANT. This foundation will not give you good coverage.. In fact, it will not cover much AT ALL. It doesn't cover spots or scars or marks.. It is very very light and more like a tinted moisturizer, however it is buildable. You can also use concealer on any spots or marks you have which i do sometimes. BUT best of all this foundation makes your skin look like you're not even wearing foundation- even out in natural light. It makes your skin look naturally flawless and it is so glowing and pretty. I wore it on the weekend when i went to visit my friend and at the MAC store one of the makeup artists commented on how nice my skin looked - little did she know i was wearing this foundation! It photographs BEAUTIFULLY. I will probably post a FOTD soon with this foundation which will show just how beautiful this foundation looks in pictures. It is actually often used for beauty photography, weddings and on the runway (on models). It is also waterproof which is awesome if you are going on vacation and want to swim but still want to have a little bit of coverage on your face. I would recommend it highly, but probably more for people with normal to dry skin to combination.. I think anyone too oily would find it way too dewy because even i usually set it with a powder. but nevertheless, TRY IT - it is a stunning product.

Biore Restore Skin Boosting Night Serum
I LOVE YOU BIORE SKIN BOOSTING NIGHT SERUM. honestly, i wish i could order like a bucket of this stuff. This is FANTASTIC. ahhhhhhhh i really love this product. I was hearing a lot of stuff about antioxidants and vitamins in skin products and figured that it would be a good idea to benefit my skin and try out a product like this - especially an overnight one since these would work while i was sleeping. I found this product in my local walmart (yes for cheaper stuff!) and i will never go back. Here is the description of the product from Biore:
"Infuse your skin with powerful antioxidants and vitamins A and C while you sleep - and wake up looking refreshed and beautiful. BiorĂ©® RESTORE Skin Boosting Night Serum incorporates soothing chamomile and aloe, as well as a blend of rosemary, sage, and nettle extracts to help recharge skin's appearance. "

It looks like a small bottle but actually gives you 40 ml which is more than a normal MAC bottle of liquid foundation which usually gives you 30 ml or 1 ounce. This product lasts you a good amount of time, I use 3 pumps on my whole face (yes i like to overdo it a bit) and I still have a lot left. THIS ALSO SMELLS DIVINE. i love love love the smell! even my boyfriend, when i stuck this product under his nose to smell since he and everyone of my friends are subjected to my endless obsession with beauty products and everything related, liked the smell and commented that it smelled really nice! You can put it under your moisturizer or use it as your moisturizer at night - i often just use it as my nighttime moisturizer, unless i am wearing a self tanning moisturizer - i will apply it under :)
To test if this actually worked i have tried not putting it on my face at night a couple of times and I NOTICED A DIFFERENCE. i honestly did and i have high standards for products. When i didnt apply it at night my face looked more dull the next day and not as radiant and "glowy". I love this stuff, go check it out if you want to jump on the glowy and radiant bandwagon. mmmmmmmmmmmm 5 buckets of this stuff please!

NARS Penny Lane Cream Blush
This has probably entered into my Hall of fame of all time favourite beauty products. This product is incredible. I know people rave about Orgasm blablabla and i have that blush and yeah i like it, its really pretty and nice and i use it a lot but i love this SO MUCH MORE. It is such a beautiful and gorgeous blush, especially for light skin.. If you have light skin, then go RUN BUY THIS BLUSH..OR TRY IT OUT. It gives the most beautiful glow to your cheeks, when i got this and tried it i just fell in love. Its staying power is awesome (a cheaper dupe would be Revlon Cream Blush in Rosy glow if you want to try it out but the staying power is crapp) and it just makes you look beautiful, awake, glowing and dewy and all good things! I own a bajillion blushes, my blush drawer is overflowing but this one has just captured my heart.. it is so stunning. It looks boring in the pan but on cheeks it makes you look like your skin is naturally so PRETTY and glowy. I apply this with a MAC 168 brush and it works perfectly with the cream product. This would be one of my TOP RECOMMENDATIONS. It is THE secret to glowy skin. If you don't always want to wear heavy blush that may look streaky or unnatural, try this, you can layer it and it just is the best blush in the world..period.

I hope you liked my little product rant. I am really enjoying these products. Let me know what products you are loving right now and what products you would recommend in the comments! Also let me know if you have any requests for new blog posts:) you are keeping me inspired ♥

till next time

xox, Emm

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm back.....IMATS 2009!

Hi guys! So i haven't posted anything in a really really long time, since September actually which is bad..really bad, lol.
I just haven't really been motivated and theres been a lot with school. BUT since two of my best friends mel and steph update their blogs religiously they have been motivating me to do so too:)
So i wanted to make a post about a really special day that i had was really quite fantastic!

duh duh duh.....


as the obnoxiously large text reads I went to IMATS today with two of my best friends, adriana and melissa!
I had been looking forward to this event like a little girl waiting for christmas since FOREVER..
As you may know, IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) only happens in 4 countries - in 5 different places.

Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney and London.

I am so lucky to live in a country and in a CITY where it does happen:)

I had such an amazing time there with my friends and I DEFINITELY have to go again next year!! is the stuff i bought from the show!

10 Blush Palette - $20

This is like the Coastal Scents ones- its a little different, the colours are brighter and more vibrant in person!

These colours are a little different than the Coastal Scents ones, since I find these shades run more peachy and a tad darker. I think this blush palette would be amazing for darker skin tones since the colours are so intense!

On my skin they show up very very bright - since I'm quite pale, however you can easily make it work by just limiting the amount you use. Just a swipe, thats all you need:)

The pigmentation is awesome and they're great quality for the price.

I think we bought them at a booth called Auraline Beauty, however I know that many mass retailers sell palettes like these. You can find them at as well as ebay - just search 10 blush palette.

I couldn't resist getting it because its great for my kit, great for using on other people and just a really great steal at $20.

The Infamous Beauty Blender! - $18

I always wanted to try this since it came out, however I never got around to it because having to order it off the internet and get it shipped is sometimes just too much of a hassle.

I purchased this for $18 at the show - at different retailers it usually runs around $22.

It has been stamped as one of Allure Magazine's best beauty buys and endorsed by Hollywood starlets, like Oprah, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Diana Ross, Fergie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katherine Heigl and many more.

It is supposed to be a dream to use for foundation since the egg shape allows you to get into all the little corners and creases of the face! AND its pink!

Can't get any better than that! Im truly excited to try this product and discover what all the hype is about:)


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Pigment in Frigid and Lip Tar in Hush - $8 and $10

Of course I had to go by OCC! This was the first booth we went to and I was soo excited! Ever since seeing all the videos on YouTube about OCC I've been waiting to see their products in person! I only ended up getting one pigment in Frigid - a light pastel baby blue. I wanted to get all the pigments xsparkage used in her Alice in Wonderland look - but when I saw the other colours in person, I already had something dupable at home (of course) so I just got one.

Hush liptar is probably one of OCC's most wearable lip tar colours. Its a nude peachy pink which is perfect for that nude lip! And a TINY drop truly is all you need! This product will last you forever. I find its a bit drying though, so wear a lipgloss on top. Also this product should be applied with a lipbrush since its so concentrated - not from the tube! The pigments and liptars were a super good deal at IMATS - i paid $8 for the pigment and $10 for the liptar!

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Powder - $21
Of course I knew that MUFE (Make Up For Ever) was gonna be there. I had heard that MUFE was 40% off at the IMATS in L.A and here in Toronto they didn't disappoint either; everything was 40%. That is nothing less than AMAZING, especially for such a well known brand. Make Up For Ever is an industry favourite and their products are of amazing quality and are used by countless makeup artists in the business. Their products are also quite expensive. The HD Powder usually retails for $34 and I can honestly say that i solely bought this product because of the discount, and because I was a little intrigued about what this product claims to do. This powder is part of their High Defintion line which is specially formulated for the new High Definition nature of television today. It is designed to create an airbrushed finish on skin. It is a colourless powder for all skin tones, used to set makeup and used to give that airbrushed, flawless "soft focus" finish on the skin - perfect for TV and film where all imperfections are magnified. I have not tried it yet, but I am interested to see if it lives up to its claim.

Brushes from Crown Brush - $21

Crown Brush is a company that makes many different brushes at extremely affordable prices. Each of these brushes was around $3-4 and they are all really good quality for their price. Many mass retailers sell these brushes such as Coastal Scents and I already have some so I was happy to pick up some more. I didn't get a lot since I already have SO many brushes - I love makeup brushes though and couldn't resist picking up a few. I also needed a good lip brush for my OCC lip tar.

Naked Cosmetics Sierra Nevada Pigment Stack - $25

I was REALLY excited to see this brand! I had heard about them from various guru's on YouTube after the IMATS in L.A. Naked Cosmetics is a makeup company which specializes in pigment stacks. They have about 16 different pigments stacks (with 6 eyeshadows stacked) in various different colours. These colours are GORGEOUS. I had to have at least one stack. Normally these retail for $60 and at the show they were selling them for $30 each. However, since i bought 3 stacks - 2 for my best friend Adriana for her birthday and 1 for myself - I got them as a deal for $75. 3 pigment stacks valued at $180 for $75 is an amazing value! I picked the stack in Sierra Nevada which is a gorgeous stack of shimmering earth tones. They are so pretty in person! Definitely check out Naked Cosmetics in the future - I know I want to pick up more of their stuff.

Swatches of the colours with flash

These swatches are done WITHOUT a base. These colours are well pigmented. These swatches don't do the colours justice - they are much more GORGEOUS in person.

Swatches of the colours without flash
Again WITHOUT a base.

4 eyeshadows and a palette - $12
This was also from the stand where I bought the blush palette. They were selling miscallaneous eyeshadows - 4 for $10 which was an absolute steal so I couldn't resist picking up a few! The palette to put them in was only $2 so I got that too! The eyeshadows and palette are magnetized so they pop right in! I got a coppery colour similar to MAC's Amber Lights, a bright deep blue, a matte white highlight colour (MAC Blanc Type) and a matte soft black colour almost identical to MAC's Typographic.
My entire haul from IMATS 2009
I went home VERY happy and very broke, haha but it was an amazing day and I CAN'T wait till next year. If you ever have the chance to go to IMATS, don't hesitate! GO!!!!!!!!!! :)

Till next time,

xox Emm

Monday, September 7, 2009

FOTD (face of the day)

Yesterday i decided to do a look that i had completely forgotten about, but which was the first look that i "favourited" on youtube. Let me tell you, I LOVE THIS LOOK. It looks bloody amazing. As soon as i saw it, i ran out and bought the specific pigment that is used because its just so damn pretty:)


I'm referring to MissChievous on youtube's "Smolder Chocolate Smokey Eyes" ( She uses MAC's Antique Reflects Gold pigment/glitter to create a beautiful smokey eye. The shadows she uses are by Ben Nye, however i duped these for MAC shadows and used those instead. This look is quite possibly one of the prettiest i have ever done, i love love love it and will for sure be doing it again in the future! The boyfriend liked it too;)

Enjoy loveliess:)<3

Products Used

MAC Sharkskin Shadestick (as a base on lid)
MAC Vanilla pigment (highlight and inner corner)
MAC Cork e/s (crease)
MAC Reflects Antique Gold pigment/glitter (pressed onto shadestick on lid)
MAC Saddle e/s (crease)
MAC Handwritten e/s (to deepen colour in outer v)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (upper lashline)
MAC Brun e/s (used as liner on lower lashline)
MAC Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish (to give glowy cheeks and skin)
MAC Angel lipstick
MAC Underage lipglass


Friday, September 4, 2009

Poison Ivy Inspired Look;)

When i was little i used to be obsessed with superheroes and all those nifty cool things that were out there back in the good ol' 90s, lol. This was in part due to my big brother who loved to include me in all his adventures and was the #1 manipulator when it came to getting people to do what he wanted. He could convince me to do anything, i looked up to him and consequently i loved a lot of the stuff he loved which included superheroes. Batman, ninja turtles, power rangers, you name it- we loved it. Therefore this inspired look seemed completely fitting, especially since its so close to Halloween and because I love dramatic looks.
I woke up this morning wanting to do something green, and mind me, something is wrong if i want to do a green look, cause i never wear green. Never. It may be my green eyes, but i just don't think it looks good on me, period. So today for some reason, i busted out the green eyeshadows, and it actually came together pretty good - i was impressed that it actually looked nice on my eyes. It made me think of sparkling emeralds:) ahah.

But, most of all it reminded me of Poison Ivy from Batman, one of the sultry villains with her bright green outfit and fire engine red hair. So i decided to create the look inspired by her, and I pulled the colours from her look and made them into my own which can be used for halloween or even for a night out on the town:) if you want to make it more day-to-day wearable, just wear a more muted lip. Its just that simple;)

Aren't you just loving the red wig?;) Ahahaha, i figured i'd get into the part of ms. Poison ivy
I think it just adds a little something something, don't you agree? ;)

And now with my normal blonde hair, haha:)

What i used
Too Faced Shadow Insurance (as a base)
17 Dazzle Dust in Lucky Clover (all over eyelid) - i think you can only get this stuff in the UK
Coastal Scents 88 Palette - dark green (in the crease and with angled liner brush on lower lashline)
MAC Vanilla Pigment (to highlight browbone and inner corners)
Physicians Formula Baked Pyramid Matte Bronzer
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead (as blush and highlighter)
Lauren Hutton Lipliner
Revlon Certainly Red lipstick
MAC Red Devil lipgloss

Ignore that i have lipstick on my tooth, oooopss:) ahah.
I wanted to end off with a smiley picture, so you guys know that i do smile! Ahaha i look so serious in the other photos cause i wanted to show off the makeup! Anyhowww i hope you enjoy:)
Let me know if you guys would like to see other inspired looks!
xo Emm



About 2 weeks ago, on August 20th, I went to see Britney Spears live in concert with my besties!
and it was AMAZINGG!:)<3
trust me, i don't care if you don't like britney or if you think shes crazy or can't sing or whatever.
don't care. i love her and have always loved her since "baby one more time" came out and she was an innocent little schoolgirl shaking her thing, ahah.

I have ALWAYS wanted to see her and got lucky enough to get tickets to her show on the 20th. Thank you parents, you are amazing hehe:) anywaysss, since this was such a special day, i of course had to do my makeup a little elaborate. Very sexy and smokey, just like britney;)

Heres the makeup i wore!

NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Black Bean (as a base)
MAC Smoke & Diamonds e/s (all over lid)
Elf Brightening Eye Quad in Drama (the dark grey colour used in the crease) - you can use any dark grey colour, i.e. MAC Knight, Knight Divine, Copperplate, etc.
MAC Carbon e/s (used in outer V area and just the outer part of the eye to darken it up)
MAC Nylon e/s on browbone as highlight and in inner corners
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (on upper lashline)
MAC Carbon (used again with angled eyeliner brush on lower lashline)
MAC #7 lashes

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium (buffed into skin with kabuki - MAC 182)
MAC Select Cover-up Concealer in NW20 (used under eyes)
MAC Blot Powder
Physicians Formula Baked Pyramid Matte Bronzer in Baked Tan (this stuff doesn't make you look orange!!!!!)
MAC Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish (as blush and highlighter)

MAC Colour Crafted lipstick
MAC Peroxide Lipglass (a tiny bit)

And here is what i wore!!! :)
Shirt from Sisters Point
Black leggings
Shoes from Bianco

the concert was amazing! we danced sooo much and had so much fun!! Britney looked amazing, she looked so hot and was in great shape. Its nice to see her looking so good again! The show was incredible and there was always something to look at with all the dancers, circus performers and great effects like a ring of fire, people swinging from the air, etc.
If you get a chance to go see her, do! It was such a good experience:)

for my poison ivy inspired look coming up;)