Friday, September 4, 2009

Poison Ivy Inspired Look;)

When i was little i used to be obsessed with superheroes and all those nifty cool things that were out there back in the good ol' 90s, lol. This was in part due to my big brother who loved to include me in all his adventures and was the #1 manipulator when it came to getting people to do what he wanted. He could convince me to do anything, i looked up to him and consequently i loved a lot of the stuff he loved which included superheroes. Batman, ninja turtles, power rangers, you name it- we loved it. Therefore this inspired look seemed completely fitting, especially since its so close to Halloween and because I love dramatic looks.
I woke up this morning wanting to do something green, and mind me, something is wrong if i want to do a green look, cause i never wear green. Never. It may be my green eyes, but i just don't think it looks good on me, period. So today for some reason, i busted out the green eyeshadows, and it actually came together pretty good - i was impressed that it actually looked nice on my eyes. It made me think of sparkling emeralds:) ahah.

But, most of all it reminded me of Poison Ivy from Batman, one of the sultry villains with her bright green outfit and fire engine red hair. So i decided to create the look inspired by her, and I pulled the colours from her look and made them into my own which can be used for halloween or even for a night out on the town:) if you want to make it more day-to-day wearable, just wear a more muted lip. Its just that simple;)

Aren't you just loving the red wig?;) Ahahaha, i figured i'd get into the part of ms. Poison ivy
I think it just adds a little something something, don't you agree? ;)

And now with my normal blonde hair, haha:)

What i used
Too Faced Shadow Insurance (as a base)
17 Dazzle Dust in Lucky Clover (all over eyelid) - i think you can only get this stuff in the UK
Coastal Scents 88 Palette - dark green (in the crease and with angled liner brush on lower lashline)
MAC Vanilla Pigment (to highlight browbone and inner corners)
Physicians Formula Baked Pyramid Matte Bronzer
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead (as blush and highlighter)
Lauren Hutton Lipliner
Revlon Certainly Red lipstick
MAC Red Devil lipgloss

Ignore that i have lipstick on my tooth, oooopss:) ahah.
I wanted to end off with a smiley picture, so you guys know that i do smile! Ahaha i look so serious in the other photos cause i wanted to show off the makeup! Anyhowww i hope you enjoy:)
Let me know if you guys would like to see other inspired looks!
xo Emm

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  1. this was the look you were talking about today!
    i love it emm, it's so unique and wild!
    perfect for halloween, which reminds me... we still need to check out that place in yorkdale for costumes!
    the red wig was a really nice touch, it made the look come to life!
    good stuff emm, you never fail to impress with your make-up skills as usual!! :)<3