Friday, March 26, 2010

Miley Cyrus FOTN

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say thanks so much to all of my lovely followers for following my blog. I now have 13 followers and i am so stoked!!!!!!:) I know that may not seem like a lot, but to me it is and i really appreciate every one of you. It means a lot to me that you guys are interested in what i write and post. So i just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you all how beautiful you are:)

Anywaysss! A few weeks ago it was the Oscars and I always love watching the red carpet for the dresses and the makeup. My favourite thing is literally to go to or and look at all the dresses and beauty breakdowns that come up, it is so lovely! My favourite look this year was Miley Cyrus' makeup, it was stunning and really beautiful. I'm not a miley fan personally but I do have to admit that shes been looking really good lately with her hair and makeup. I really wanted to try and recreate her look as best as i could because it was just so beautiful. The lovely Christine at was able to get a celebrity makeup artist, Brett Freedman, to create a tutorial recreating Miley's look on a model. Here is the link . Gorgeous!

I pretty much recreated the look using the products, since i own all the eyshadows (you know you have a lot of makeup when you already have all the products that people use in tutorials lol!) The following shots was the result! I apologize that i look horrible in the photos, these are photos to display my makeup and not for me to look attractive haha:) they were also taken with flash and my camera never does a good job at showing the makeup properly, it always looks way better in person :( anyways i hope you like it! i loved this look :)

♥ Products used: ♥

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC Cork e/s, MAC Shadowy Lady e/s (used wet), MAC Honey Lust e/s (used wet), MAC Nylon e/s, MAC Smolder eye kohl, MAC blacktrack fluidline, MAC #7 lashes or Quo 804 lashes (they look the same!), MAC Studio Finish concealer on lips to mute lipcolour, Angel lipstick, Underage lipglass.

I am also wearing the MAC Face & Body Foundation, love this!!!

Here is the inspiration picture! -
Miley Cyrus Oscars 2010 - picture courtesy of

Any ideas for new posts? Please inspire me! What would you like to see? More FOTDS, reviews, posts on makeup products, skincare etc. Let me know in the comments please and I will love you forever! Mwahhhh

Till next time

xox, Emm


  1. You look amazing(: really gorgeous hun x

  2. @schnella

    thanks so much hun! i really appreciate it:) thanks for following <3 you have a lovely blog!

  3. wow emm, this is stunning!
    so so so beautiful, really...
    you look fantastic! :):)

    p.s- miley's got nothing on you ;)